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Commercial linkup with NELHA

Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority is soliciting for proposals for “Commercial proposals for development to support ocean-related activities at NELHA”. The document can be found at the NELHA homepage.

It will be very interesting to see what turns up as a result of this. They are in particular looking for “proposals that demonstrate strong revenue generation opportunities”. Well, aren’t we all?

More carbon under the rug

Researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory show how artificially created calcium bicarbonate, using limestone, can be used to lock up carbon in the ocean. This is a naturally occuring process, but it takes 5,000-10,000 years. This method would supposedly have fewer negative effects compared with schemes such as injecting CO2 directly into the ocean or fertilising the ocean with iron. It is envisaged that this process would be hooked up to a CO… Continue reading

NIOT puts out tender for logistic support for OTEC plant

OTECThe National Insitiute of Ocean Technology in India invites contractors to tender for logistic support 40 nautical miles off Tuticorin. “Tug is required for providing shore support and towage services and transportation of men and materials for supply of fuel, water, ammonia, sodium hypochlorite solution, spares, provisions, ship stores etc., to the OTEC site and back to Tuticorin port”. The original tender can currently be found here.

Patent on manure in your fields?

Interestingly enough it turns out that a Michael Markels of Springfield, Virginia, has US patents on artificially fertilising the ocean to increase sea food production in the ocean as well as sequestering carbon dioxide this way. The patents were filed from between 1994 and 2000. For carbon sequestering he invisages that a ship moves in a spiral pattern over deep water, dispersing fertiliser to create a bloom of phytoplankton. The plankton sink to the bottom… Continue reading

Neural networks meets the wave

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Natural upwelling zone between Seychelles and Mauritius

New Scientist reports briefly about the a natural upwelling zone which has been found between the Seychelles and Mauritius by the Shoals of Capricorn Programme. The upwelling zone may well be one of the worlds most fertile spots of open water. Chris Gallienne from the Plymouth Marine Laboratory and his collegues found more than 500 milligrams of zooplankton per cubic metre of water. Chris said “Certainly it’s among the highest levels you’d ever find… Continue reading

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