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Grow shell fish within the shell of a boat

Wired News reports on an Abalone farming project in Australia. The idea being that it is easier to keep the required stable enclosed ocean environment for the Abalone when you are on the ocean in a boat, than what is traditionally done, moving the seawater inland.

Using cold seawater to grow vegetables and produce fresh water

New Scientist January 2002 issue has a very good article on The Seawater Greenhouse, developed by Charlie Paton. In short it can be described as a greenhouse, cooled with cold sea water. The cold sea water cools the greenhouse, which allows for subtantially less water usage for growing the crops as well as condensing fresh water out of the air for irrigation (90% humidity required). At the pilot project on Tenerife off North Africa,… Continue reading

Is New York in line for a wakeup call for the US?

Vivien Gornitz of the Columbia University warns in Global Planetary Change that New York may experience severe flooding of rail, subway and road tunnels in the coming decades. Many of the Big Apple’s tunnel entrances are only 3 meters above sea level, which leaves them vulnurable to flooding during a “hundred-year” storm. But due to raising sea levels you may not have to wait for a hundred years for the dissaster to strike. Vivien says… Continue reading

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