Is New York in line for a wakeup call for the US?

Vivien Gornitz of the Columbia University warns in Global Planetary Change that New York may experience severe flooding of rail, subway and road tunnels in the coming decades. Many of the Big Apple’s tunnel entrances are only 3 meters above sea level, which leaves them vulnurable to flooding during a “hundred-year” storm. But due to raising sea levels you may not have to wait for a hundred years for the dissaster to strike. Vivien says “Projections of sea level rise based on a suite of climate change scenarios suggest that sea levels will rise by 18-60 cm by the 2050s, and 24-108 cm by the 2080s over late 20th century levels. The return period of the 100-yr storm flood could be reduced to 19-68 years, on average, by the 2050s, and 4-60 years by the 2080s.”

Perhaps flooding of the of the New York City subway is required to wake the people of the US up to the folly of the SUV and polluting more than any other nation in the world, and start looking for alternative energy sources. It is clear that warnings in science journals is not going to change anything though.

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