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Changes to OTECnews

You can now subscribe to OTECnews via email. Ever day there is a new piece of news on OTECnews you can receive it in your email inbox. As if that wasn’t enough, we have also added a most excellent search facility to the site. Thanks to Zezame for making the mailing list available to us.

Depleted Atlantic fish stocks

MaricultureThe Economist reports on research performed by academics at the University of British Columbia which shows in detail how the fish stocks of the Northern Atlantic collapsed in the ’80s and ’90s. There are now stringent quotas for the collapsed fish stock, but they are not recovering. The top predators have been removed from the ocean. The ecosystem changed and there is no turning back the clock. They estimate that compared to a century ago… Continue reading

The Tokyo Electric / Toshiba 100 kW OTEC pilot plant

A 100 kW OTEC pilot plant was constructed in the Republic of Nauru by Tokyo Electric Power Company and Toshiba Corporation. Operation of the OTEC began in October 1981 with the purpose of validating the design, and developing a 2.5 MW conceptual design using the operation data and construction experience. A storm eventually destroyed the cold water intake pipe, but operational data had already been obtained by then. Read more…

This is the third entry… Continue reading

Tuvalu pays the price for global warming

Countries disappearing due to raising sea levels seemed only to be part of future scenarios of the Global Business Network as featured in Wired Magazine. Not so. The future is here. Tuvalu will be evacuating its first citizens to New Zealand next year. The UK’s Guardian has more information.

Doubts about plankton as a carbon sink

New Scientist (16 January 2002) reports from the recent Ocean Sciences meeting in Hawaii about new computer simulations which Jorge Sarmiento and colleagues from Princeton University have performed with regards to using plankton blooming as a carbon sink to reduce CO2 in the earths atmosphere. The model simulates how factors such as ocean chemistry and water circulation would affect the process if 160,000 km2 of ocean was seeded with iron for a month.… Continue reading

Sea Solar Power 100 MW hybrid cycle OTEC plantship

The SSP 100 MW Plantship, which also produces 32 million gallons per day (120,000 m3) desalinated water, uses the same aluminum heat exchanger tube, vapor turbine, and deaeration air compressor technology as the SSP 10 MW shore based technology demonstration plant. Like the 10 MW OTEC, venture capital and construction partnerships are in place, with the first plantship cost estimated at USD $250 million, and the second through sixth units each estimated at USD $150… Continue reading

Sea Solar Power 10 MW Hybrid Cycle shore based OTEC

OTECThis OTEC, representing the first and possibly smallest commercially viable design is currently undergoing component level validation in York, Pennsylvania, prior to first installation. Venture capital and construction partnerships covering development and production of the first unit are already in place. Estimated cost in 2002 USD is $50,000,000, with projected production of 10 MW, and 3 million Gallons per day of fresh water. The first stage of the hybrid cycle is an open cycle, and… Continue reading

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