Sea Solar Power 100 MW hybrid cycle OTEC plantship

The SSP 100 MW Plantship, which also produces 32 million gallons per day (120,000 m3) desalinated water, uses the same aluminum heat exchanger tube, vapor turbine, and deaeration air compressor technology as the SSP 10 MW shore based technology demonstration plant. Like the 10 MW OTEC, venture capital and construction partnerships are in place, with the first plantship cost estimated at USD $250 million, and the second through sixth units each estimated at USD $150 million. A desalination version of the plantship can produce 130 million gallons of fresh water per day and no net power. The plant uses its warm and cold water discharge streams for station keeping, and is able to build and deploy its own cold water “stockade” pipe once on station. Read more…

Phil Kopitske’s second article about Sea Solar Power’s OTEC designs.

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