Sea Solar Power 10 MW Hybrid Cycle shore based OTEC

OTECThis OTEC, representing the first and possibly smallest commercially viable design is currently undergoing component level validation in York, Pennsylvania, prior to first installation. Venture capital and construction partnerships covering development and production of the first unit are already in place. Estimated cost in 2002 USD is $50,000,000, with projected production of 10 MW, and 3 million Gallons per day of fresh water. The first stage of the hybrid cycle is an open cycle, and the second stage is a closed cycle utilizing propylene. Read more…

This is the first article for OTECnews, written by Phil Kopitske. Phil be reviewing Sea Solar Power’s current offering and also review other past and present OTEC designs over the coming months. The restaurant which can be seen on top of the artist rendering of the SSP 10 MW design I belive was suggested by Phil and I have heard it referred to by Robert Nicholson, Sea Solar Power’s President, as Phil’s Place.

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