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Hydrogen economy in Scotland

The Scottish newspaper The Herald has an article on an effort to make the island of Islay into a “mini-hydrogen economy”. The hydrogen will be produced by the wave power stations they have there and used all over the island.

It will be interesting to see how this works out. The UK isn’t exactly well known for its efforts to curb pollution and work for a better environment, but change may be on the menu.

The future of energy distribution and production in the west

Wired Magazine has an interesting article on energy distribution and production in the west: The Energy Web. A couple of quotes to give you a taster: “The current regime in Washington believes that the tree-huggers can go be virtuous and make sacrifices while real men go out and build more pipelines,” [Electric Power Research Institute] spokesperson Brent Barker observes.” and “If you add up the horsepower of all the machines and engines in US… Continue reading

Extracting hydrogen from waste biomass

Researchers at the Process Technology Group at Warwick University, UK, have come up with a new process to extracting hydrogen from wet waste, i.e. wast which contains large amounts of water, such as sewage or waste from paper mills. Warwick’s Ashok Bhattacharya says the new system could be twice as energy-efficient as existing systems, which are typically around 20 per cent efficient. “We’re able to get much more hydrogen out,” Bhattacharya says. The University press… Continue reading

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