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The GreenOcean Project

We have opened up the web site for the parent organization of OTECnews, The GreenOcean Project. There you can find projects other than the OTECnews web site and the OTEC Library which we work on.

2002 – the year in review

OTEC – The most exciting work in OTEC probably goes on in India and on Hawaii. In India, the Sagar Shakti 1 MW OTEC barge was going to be deployed in September. However, we didn’t hear about what has delayed it. On Hawaii, at NELHA, the work on the 55 inch pipeline and a pumpstation is ongoing.

Mariculture – has some minor positive stories this year, such as the Abalone farming project in Australia.… Continue reading

North Sea catch quotas down again, but is it enough?

MaricultureThe Guardian has several articles on the new North Sea quotas set by the EU fisheries commission. The scientist say that species such as cod are on the verge of collapse and a total moratorium on fishing has been called for. However, in the end the politicians halved the permitted haddock, whiting and cod catches for 2003.

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