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Xenesys – The future vision

Xenesys has a nice new little “vision piece” which ends with talking about the potential for the Indian plans. “India has almost completed construction of a 1,000 kW pilot plant designed in collaboration with Saga University. Having delivered our plate heat exchangers to them, we Xenesys are also playing a part of vital roles in the project. India’s grand plan calls for 1,000 OTEC power plants throughout the country, each with 50,000 kW.… Continue reading

Heatwave, an indication of what to come

New Scientist has an article about how the recent European “Heatwave’s warning for the future of farming“. Specifically they quote research by Jørgen Olesen fo the Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences in Tjele and Marco Bindi of the University of Florence in Italy. Their analysis predict that in Southern Europe, temperature changes will lead to water shortages and lower crop yields, and agriculture could cease althogether in the most parched regions. “With drier… Continue reading

Aquaculture going mainstream

The Economist has a pretty measured article about aquaculture, its drawbacks and benefits. It is even a front page story this time. In China aquaculture is mainstream already and mariculture is moving towards this. Recently introduced EU regulations on fish labeling (you have to show whether the fish is farmed or captured) will be a benefit rather than a hinderance in the long term, as it will help the aquculture industry clean up its pollution problems.

More detail about the NIOT OTEC

OTECAccording to Platts Renewable Energy Report (Issue 51, May 2003) the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) 1 MW OTEC, which they built together with < How To Get Ur Ex Boyfriend To Talk To You a href=””>Xenesys and Saga University, cost US$ 5.9 million to build. They also say that Xenesys is hoping to build another 1,000 installations of 20-50 MW near the southern tip of the sub-continent, should the 1 MW pilot plant be… Continue reading

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