Sea Solar Power at APEC Energy Working Group?

OTECDavid Levrat points us to the Twenty-Eighth Meeting of the APEC EWG, Port Douglas, Australia, 3-4 November, 2004 from the APEC Energy Working Group. The one section which is of particular interest for us is the Expert Group on New & Renewable Energy Technologies [cached] which among other things say:

USA: Monitoring and Assessing the Design, Operation and Performance of an

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Project (Self-funded)

The purpose of this project is to monitor and assess the design, operation and performance of an ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) project proposed for implementation in an APEC-member economy. The land-based OTEC design will be capable of producing both electricity and desalinated water on a large scale, using only solar energy from the tropical ocean. Valuable by-products, such as fish, vegetables and industrial gases offer additional potential opportunities. Discussions are underway with an APEC economy to begin implementation of an OTEC system by late-2004. The project developer has obtained funds to implement one or more 10MW OTEC systems in an APEC member economy. All that is needed from the host economy is to sign a contract to purchase the resulting water and electricity at current competitive market rates.

This sounds very much like it would be Sea Solar Power. They are the only US based OTEC developer with funds that I know of. The description also fits their business model.

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