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Wired on OTEC

OTECW.R. Hale and Phil Kopitske tells us that Wired Magazine has an article about OTEC in the form of a profile of NELHA founder Dr. John Craven, of The Common Heritage Corporation (CHC). It is interesting to see that CHC supposedly have a deal with venture capital firm Alpha Pacific for $75m to build a community on Saipan, supposedly using OTEC as part of the power and fresh water supply system. The community will… Continue reading

Mist lift OTEC

Stuart Ridgway, who worked on Mist lift OTEC in the early ’80s has published a new paper on the feasibility of Mist lift OTEC in the light of the increasing costs of keeping fossil fuels as the primary energy source for the world.

Japanese OTEC for troubled waters

OTECThe island which the Tokyo govenor is planning an OTEC for is located in an area which China and Japan has a border dispute over, according to Taiwan News Online [cached]. It is ironic that an OTEC plant could be used as a tool to claim the extension of the 200 nautical miles exclusive economic zone, in an area which is primarily contested for its oil.

Safety of hydrogen as vehicle fuel

David Gårsjö and Mårten Niklasson of Royal Institute of Technology Chemical Engineering and Technology, Sweden, recently presented a report on Safety Issues with Hydrogen as a Vehicle Fuel (PDF 1.8 Mb) at a hydrogen fuel cell buss seminar which I attended. It is a very interesting report. The English extended abstract can be found on pages 100-113 in the PDF file. The conclusion starts with the following: “Compared with other fuels, hydrogen is… Continue reading

Ocean Energy report

Research and markets have just released a new report: The Ocean Energy Report – Tidal, Wave, Ocean Thermal, Marine Current – Edition 2 2005. The table of contents can be found here. OTECnews does not have AUS$ 1,158 to spare, otherwise we would have bought it for our library.

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