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OCEES International and Diego Garcia OTEC

In the recent article in Wired about OTEC, OCEES International is mentioned to not only have secured funding from “Pentagon” to build an OTEC at Diego Garcia, but also design the OTEC pipe for the Saipan project in the article. However, after asking Stephen Oney, Vice president at OCEES, he tells me that Wired overstated the situation. They are working on a preliminary design of an OTEC for the the Office of Naval Research. Stephen… Continue reading

Report from Energy Ocean 2005

The Energy Ocean 2005 conference was held in April in Washington D.C., and Richard Meyer, the president at the Ocean Energy Council has written a brief review of the conference. Richard says among other things: “While having congressional support is obviously useful, I reminded the attendees that the original Ocean Energy Council, over 20 years ago, concentrated all of its efforts on lobbying, succeeded in having 2 major OTEC bills signed into law, only to… Continue reading

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