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Mist Lift OTEC papers

I am very happy to say that we now have a new document scanner at the OTECnews offices. This will allow us to put up more documents in the OTEC Library. The first are documents about the Mist Lift OTEC cycle, kindly submitted by the author and co-author of these documents, Stuart Ridgway. Earlier this year Stuart published an article on OTECnews about the Mist Lift OTEC cycle called Out of Gas? Refuel… Continue reading

Improved Search at OTECnews

We have now substantially improved the search function for OTECnews, You should now find that the search actually deliver results fresher than from 3 years ago [!] and the system will automatically update the search index once a week as well. You can find the search entry field in the left column on this page, below the links.

We have also created a Google search facility for the OTEC Library. Nearly all the documents stored… Continue reading

Seawater Greenhouse Oman pictures

On the GreenOcean site we have some great photographs from the Seawater Greenhouse in Oman, which among other things show detail of the construction of the greenhouse, as well as the recent excellent crop of cucumbers which they have produced. For more information you may want to check out the GreenOcean Library, which now has a collection of documents about the Seawater Greenhouse.

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