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OTEC workshop in Townsville, Australia

OTECGuy Lane of SEA O2, Townsville, Australia tells us that they held a successful workshop about the potential of OTEC for Townsville. “Townsville-based oceanographer and OTEC aficionado, Dr Peter Ridd of the Physics Department, James Cook University, delivered an excellent presentation at the Townsville Port Authority boardroom.”

Prof. Nathan Lewis, Caltech, on global energy supply

FuelUnderstanding the challenge of moving away from fossil fuels on a global scale can be hard to grasp. Professor Nathan Lewis, at the California Institute of Technology has a very good presentation called “Powering the Planet: Where in the World Will Our Energy Come From?”. This presentation from May 2005, is available online in video streaming format. You can read a summary of the presentation and download slides and a separate audio track here… Continue reading

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