More about the OTEC and deepwater success at NELHA

A reader in Hawaii tells us about an article in West Hawaii Today [cached] which describes the OCEES OTEC which will be built at NELHA. “We’ve been pursuing this for about eight years,” said Steve Oney, executive vice president of OCEES. “We had a proposal in 2000 or 2001, and now we’re in the process of commercializing this process.”

An article in Mainichi Interactive [cached] tells us that “State exports of desalinated deep seawater soared 700 percent during the first three months of this year to $8.8 million, topping chocolate and coffee as Hawaii’s biggest food-related export.” Of course, it hasn’t escaped these gentlemen that sustainably produced deep sea drinking water will be even more attractive to the customer. And an OTEC plant like the one OCEES will build can potentially produce a lot of fresh water from the sea.

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