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Cayman Islands government delegation meet Sea Solar Power

OTECA government delegation from the Cayman Islands recently travelled to Baltimore, WA, USA, to meet Sea Solar Power according to an article on Cayman Net News [cached]. The Minister of Communications, Works and Infrastructure, the Hon. Arden McLean, was joined by officials in the administration and the heads of water and power companies on the Cayman Islands. According to the article Mr McLean said the trip was a very positive and productive fact-finding… Continue reading


The picture below left shows the signing of the Letter of Intent with regards to building an OTEC at NELHA, Hawaii. It shows Mr. Ron Baird, CEO of NELHA signing the document, Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle and OCEES‘ President Dr. Hans Krock.

In in an email to OTEC News, Stephen Oney, Executive VP of OCEES said “OCEES is entering into a joint venture agreement with the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority… Continue reading

McKillop on what should replace the Kyoto treaty

Andrew McKillop, a person not known for mincing his words, writes about why he thinks the Kyoto treaty market-only mechanisms will fail to reach the set targets for reducing greenhouse gases and what we should do instead. McKillop also mentions OTEC as one of the “almost totally ignored large-potential renewable energy resources“.

Name change of OTEC News

NewsThe observant may notice that we have changed name. We have changed name from OTECnews to OTEC News. Why such a minor change? An important part of the traffic to the site is driven by search engines. Having a web page title and a first line which includes the search term significantly improves the score in a number of search engines, so therefore the change. Also we have noted that a number of people… Continue reading

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