The picture below left shows the signing of the Letter of Intent with regards to building an OTEC at NELHA, Hawaii. It shows Mr. Ron Baird, CEO of NELHA signing the document, Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle and OCEES‘ President Dr. Hans Krock.

In in an email to OTEC News, Stephen Oney, Executive VP of OCEES said “OCEES is entering into a joint venture agreement with the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority (NELHA) and the State of Hawaii to build and operate a commercial facilty at the NELHA site utilizing its existing cold water pipelines. The project will provide electricity and potable water to the facility to support their existing systems and supply their aquaculture and water bottling tenants. This will represent the first commercial plant in operation in the world and is anticipated to be completed and operational in 2008. This project will run concurrently with our other, larger project for the US Department of Defense which will provide the base load power and potable water requirements to a tropical island military facility. We anticipate completion and commissioning of that project in 2009.

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