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OTEC videos

OTECThere are a couple of OTEC videos available on YouTube. The first one is a nice old one about the US Mini-OTEC which was built in 1979, at the end of the film there is a more modern piece added on about how OTEC systems could be built today. The second one was produced by OCEES and is a corporate presentation. The third one is presentation about OTEC for Puerto Rico by Offshore Infrastructure Associates.

Xenesys wins price for DTEC

OTECXenesys wins an award for a DTEC installation, according to a news paper article on their web site. DTEC uses the same type of technology as OTEC but optimised for waste heat from industrial systems.

OTEC research positions at Saga University

Saga University’s Institute of Ocean Energy is offering six research positions for three years. However, it appears that you have to be Japanese speaking, as the application requirements are only published in Japanese and only shown on the Japanese section of the web site. (I wish they would update the English section.)

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