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Deep-ocean pipe work for Mauritius and Curaçao

Somehow we missed that Makai Engineering last year was awarded the contract to build a deep water pipe for a seawater airconditioning system for Curaçao. The main contractor is Evelop of the Netherlands and the pipeline is for Aqualectra, the water and electricity company of Curaçao. Link to Evelop press release. On the Makai Engineering news page we can also see that they have been awarded the contract to perform a “A Conceptual Design… Continue reading

Sarkozy mentions OTEC

OTECDavid Levrat tells us that the French president-elect Sarkozy mentions OTEC in a recent interview with Mer et Marine.

“La mer tropicale est également une source majeure d’énergies renouvelables, malheureusement inexploitée aujourd’hui. Leur développement passe par une recherche appliquée pertinente sur l’éolien offshore, sur l’hydrolien et surtout sur l’énergie thermique des mers, actuellement ignorée.”

English translation: “Tropical sea is also a major source of renewable energies, unfortunately not harvested today. Their development requires applied research… Continue reading

More about India OTEC

Headlines India has an article about the Sagar Shakti OTEC plant ship which we wrote about yesterday. According to the article they use a 600 meter long pipeline weighing 100 tons. An analysis by The Indic View blog says this pilot plant produces fresh water at twice the price of a reverse osmosis plant, but this should come down significantly in larger installations. According to The Hindu, NIOT is also proposing a waste heat OTEC… Continue reading

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