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Position as Chemist at NELHA

NELHA has a position as a chemist to be “Responsible for the collection of samples, analysis and data recording of seawater, groundwater and freshwater.” The deadline for applying for the post is 27 July 2007.

Nauru OTEC, YouTube video

OTECThe world’s first OTEC pilot plant was situated in Nauru. Below is a two part video describing the work that Toshiba did to build and operate this OTEC plant. To read more about the Nauru OTEC see the document: Outline of the 100kW OTEC pilot plant in The Republic of Nauru (PDF, 1.8Mb) from the OTEC Library.

OTEC for Guam

OTECClean power and fresh water for Guam is a real posibility argues Stephen K. Oney, executive vice present of OCEES International, Inc. in Guam Pacific Daily News.

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