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Xenesys inaugerates OTEC R&D centre

The new Xenesys OTEC R&D Center and the Xenesys Imari Plant was inaugurated on the 9 November 2007. There are some pictures from the plant and there is a timeline with pictures.

The Versabouy floating platform system

Steve Khachaturian of Versabouy contacted me earlier about their new bouy floating platform system. They have some nice videos which show the system in action in a wave tank. This type of buoy system could make very large floating structures easier to build.

New guidelines for Ocean Energy in Hawaii

RenewableEnergyAccess reports that a new set of guidelines regarding the importance of community involvement in new ocean energy development in Hawaii. The guidelines have been jointly developed by a number of stakeholders including environmental and Hawaiian cultural organizations, fishing, surfing and paddling, along with state agencies, the State Legislature and the United States Coast Guard. These guidelines are probably useable in other locations as well to make sure that important projects are not delayed or… Continue reading

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