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The Power Of The Oceans, by Big Gav

Big Gav over at the Oil Drum’s Oz/NZ section posted a nice overview of ocean energy. The post later got crossposted over at the Daily Kos, which gives it a bit bigger distribution.

New website for Seasolar Power

Seasolar Power has a new website with background material on OTEC and information about the company.

Palau Government want to do OTEC study

According to the Micronesian Newspaper Marinas Variety the Government of Palau has submitted a proposal to the US Trade and Development Agency to secure funding for an OTEC study. The budgeted amount for the study is said to be US$ 500,000. According to he article they would limit the implementation of the eventual OTEC plant to US companies, suggesting that either OCEES or Seasolar Power could get the work.

NELHA Green Energy Zone web cast, 13 Feb. 2008

NELHA will hold a webcast about the Natural Energy Laboratory Hawaii Authority (NELHA) experiments in ocean thermal energy, aquaculture, and renewable energy development on the Island of Hawaii. Presenters include Ron Baird, who is the executive director of NELHA and Will Rolston who is the manager of the Hawaii Gateway Energy Center. Sign up beforehand at the above URL.
[edit] Opps, one day too late. Sorry. Well, you can download the PDF presentation from the link above.

New York Times on renewable energy in Hawaii

A short opinion piece in the New York Times about the be or not to be of renewable energy in the blessed islands of Hawaii. It would be interesting to hear a counter argument

Can Hawaii get out of the carbon rut?

Lawrence Downes writes a short opinion piece in the New York Times about the be or not to be of renewable energy in the blessed islands of Hawaii. Lawrence says

It’s almost embarrassing how green things could be in blue Hawaii. There’s all that sunshine and those trade winds, plus a volcano that has been lazily erupting for the last 25 years. Many barrels of biofuel await tapping in vast acres of sugar cane.… Continue reading

OTEC well received at Philippines Energy Summit

The Philippine Daily Inquirer reports that OTEC was well received by the Philippine President, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, at the Philippine Energy Summit, which is being held in Manilla this week. The country supposedly suffers from some of the highest electricity prices in Asia.

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