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Seawater air-conditioning in Curaçao

Evelop is building a seawater air-conditioning system in Curaçao. I visited Evelop Caribbean and talked to the Business Director of Evelop Caribbean, Gilbert Gouverneur about the project. The project is worth €15-20 million and could decrease the energy use for air-conditioning by 90%.

Marshall Islands sees OTEC as way out of emergency

Yokwe Online reports that the Marshall islands president has declared an economic state of emergency, due to energy prices. One part of the declaration looks at the long term and states that OTEC should be investigated as renewable energy source, the only alternative other than conservation mentioned by name.

OTEC and CO2 sequestration

Christopher Barry, has an article on OTEC and CO2 sequestration at This article also discusses the subject of dissolved CO2 in the deep water which is being brought up by an OTEC system.

We have a paper from 1989, Carbon dioxide release from OTEC cycles, by Herbert J. Green and Peter R. Guenther that discusses this issue, in the OTEC Library.

Xenesys progress

OTECXenesys, the Japanese OTEC company, is being very active in general. I would recommend that you visit their frequently updated English language website.

Sea Solar Power negotiating for contract on Virgin Islands

According to the Virgin Island’s Daily News, the OTEC company Sea Solar Power is one of six organisations out of original fourteen that are negotiating to provide power to the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority (WAPA). Within three to five months, the Executive Director of WAPA, Hugo Hodge Jr, estimated they should have completed contracts with at least two of the companies to begin the process of alternative power generation in the territory.

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