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US DOE funds OTEC development, finally

US DOE funds OTEC development, finally
OTECDoug Carlson points out that the US Department of Energy will be financing water based energy projects with $7million. Most of the projects are either hydropower or wave power projects, but Lockheed Martin Corporation is doing a validation of “manufacturing techniques for coldwater pipes critical to OTEC in order to help create a more cost-effective OTEC system”. University of Hawaii has been given money to “facilitate the development… Continue reading

The Guardian about the Seawater Greenhouse and the Sahara forest project

The UK newspaper The Guardian writes about the ambitious concept the Sahara forest project which is about using seawater and using solar power to grow food in the dessert. The concept uses Seawater Greenhouses as an integral component to make the dessert a sustainable food production facility. Any seawater airconditioning installation (SWAC) or OTEC installation can use “waste” cold seawater effectively in Seawater Greenhouses, so this is relevant for the OTEC community too.

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