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(Another) Follow up to Oahu, Hawaii, OTEC announcement

In a previous post I asked whether maybe publishing the list of IPP projects was a mistake? It wasn’t, says a source on Hawaii which didn’t want to be named. Interesting. I contacted Sea Solar Power, and I didn’t get an answer, but then I am not surprised by that and I did end up talking to Rob Nicholson of Sea Solar Power International. They can’t really comment right now about what is going on.… Continue reading

US Navy Diego Garcia OTEC will do SWAC as well

According to this short piece in the Federal Times, the Diego Garcia OTEC will be used to not only produce electricity and fresh water, as we have talked about earlier, but the cold water will also be used for sea water air conditioning (SWAC) as well, which I hadn’t seen reported anywhere before.

US Navy investigating OTEC for Guam

OTECThe US Navy is looking to “conduct a feasibility study for implementing an Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) facility on Guam. More information can be found in the procurement notice, and the synopsis.

Follow up to Oahu, Hawaii, OTEC announcement

I asked in a post the other day whether there was one or two OTEC plants under negotiation at Oahu, Hawaii. I asked a source in Hawaii about that and got the answer:

Having a list of potential IPP projects is unusual – the utility doesn’t usually say anything about their negotiations.

Did they make a mistake when they published that document? I suppose the best thing would be to ask Bob Nicholson at Sea… Continue reading

To a Better Place

Doug Carlsson points us to the announcement that Better Place, the electric car network company, has picked Hawaii to be one of its initial implementation markets. Some of the others are: Denmark, Ireland, the Bay Area in California and Israel. This is interesting to us for several reasons. Better place has an interesting business model. Hawaii will have OTEC plants soon, and OTEC can then power cars. And our friend and colleague Mark Charmer… Continue reading

Not one, but two OTEC plants in Hawaii?

Thanks to Maria Tome, Hawaii State Energy Office for confirming that the Lookheed Martin OTEC will be built on Oahu, Hawaii. She pointed to this Energy Agreement which was signed by the State of Hawaii and the Hawaiian Electric Companies.

Looking a little deeper into the 52 page agreement (2 MB PDF) I found something which I hadn’t seemed mentioned before, and I am not sure I understand what it means. On page 45 in… Continue reading

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