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US Navy moving forward with OTEC

The list of people who attended the US Navy “Industry forum day” about OTEC on the 15 May, pretty much reads like a ‘who’s who’ in OTEC in the USA. The presentation mentions possible OTEC installations being Diego Garcia, Guam and three locations in Hawaii. The OTEC roadmap at the end of [PDF] the presentation says that the preliminary design is done and they are in the middle of subsystem design with work on CWP… Continue reading

NY Times on OTEC and SWAC

The New York Times carries an article about OTEC, focusing on Lockheed Martin’s work in Hawaii. There is also a blog piece on the potential for using seawater for air-conditioning (SWAC) in the same location. The piece has the normal sceptic questions: ““just how economical it can be.” and ““[SWAC] doesn’t work for high-rises with individualized air-conditioning units,”

I would argue that SWAC indeed works for high-rises with individual aircon units. Why shouldn’t it… Continue reading

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