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Honolulu SWAC

Honolulu Weekly has an article about the $240 million sea water air-conditioning system (SWAC) which is being built for Honolulu.

Groundbreaking is expected next summer and the first 40 buildings are expected to come online in late 2012. ” And there are investors from Stockholm involved, which is interesting, as one of the first systems in the world was built in Stockholm (where I live) and this is being expanded.

US NOAA visits Hawaii to talk OTEC

Doug Carlson tells us about a visit by people from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Hawaii, where they learned more about the OTEC efforts planned for the islands. The visitors will, according to Doug, be responsible for “issuing licenses and permits for OTEC plants and operations”.

“The NOAA team’s meetings in Hawaii “have brought home how much our learning curve has to be based on what’s happening here in Hawaii,”… Continue reading

Workshop on OTEC readiness

In November 2009, NOAA’s Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (OCRM) as the lead licensing agency for OTEC, in cooperation with the Coastal Response Research Center hosted a OTEC technology workshop to assess the technical readiness of OTEC. The workshop evaluated the advancements of the technology since the last attempt OTEC-1 in 1980a and the time frame for commercial scale development. The workshop was attended by renowned OTEC and offshore experts, … Continue reading

US Navy signs $8 million OTEC deal with Lockheed Martin

Slightly old news is that Lockheed Martin has penned a deal with the US Navy in September 2009 to “develop critical OTEC system components and further mature its design for an OTEC pilot plant, an incremental step in developing large-scale utility plants. A key part of maturing the plant design includes developing an interface between the system’s cold water pipe and the platform“. The deal is worth just over US$8 million.

Coldwater pipe for Indian 1 MW OTEC barge ready

According to Silicon India the Indian Department of Ocean Development’s (DOD) OTEC project is ready to deploy a one kilometre deep cold water pipeline. The pipeline will be installed on a one megawatt barge mounted OTEC installation. DOD secretary Harsh K. Gupta said the one-kilometre-deep underwater pipeline is complete. The barge is ready “and the DOD technical team is only waiting for a fair weather window” to connect the line to the barge”.

Edit: A… Continue reading

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