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Makai Ocean Engineering’s Heat Exchanger Test Facility opened

In July 2011 a new heat exchanger test facility has been opened at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii (NELHA), on the Big Island of Hawaii. The facility, designed and operated by Makai Ocean Engineering, provides the “OTEC Industry” with a tool for the development and testing of candidate OTEC heat exchangers. Heat Exchangers are the single most expensive component of an OTEC plant and thus their cost, longevity and performance… Continue reading

OTEC International LLC chosen for Hawaii OTEC Demonstration

OTEC International LLC has been selected to build a 1 MW OTEC at NELHA, Hawaii. The RFI for this went out recently, with a very short deadline, so we were wondering if the choice wasn’t a given from the start. The main investor in OTEC International has also invested in Seasolar Power earlier.

The OTEC demonstration plant is planned to be built on six acres of NELHA’s Hawai’i Ocean Science and Technology (HOST) Park. The… Continue reading

Feasibility study for an OTEC plant on Guam

The Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation has received a $50.000 grant, which will be used to conduct a feasibility study on the economic and technical aspects of running an OTEC plant on Guam. This grant has been given by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development and is in line with the Guam Bill 166, which states that each utility that sells electricity for consumption on Guam must increase its share of renewable energy of its… Continue reading

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