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Thomas Bjelkeman-Pettersson

OTEC for Marshall Islands

I have in my hand, figuratively if not literally, a letter which shows that an OTEC development company has approached the government of the Marshall Islands and proposed a 10 MW OTEC plant which also will produce 2 million gallons/day water (which I presume is drinking water). The letter, issued in early January 2009, which is from the Marshall Island government, says that several ministries are authorised to go ahead and negotiate terms with the company.

Problems with the blog

We use some tools from Google to run OTEC News. Google announce the other day that they are going to stop supplying some of the tools we have been using to run OTEC News from 1 May 2010. This means that we will have to move it to another system. This is not a huge issue, if it wasn’t for the fact that we are working all hours of the day already. So OTEC News… Continue reading

French president talks OTEC for Reunion Island

According to L’Agence Régionale de l’Energie Réunion (ARER), the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, in a recent visit to the Reunion Island, set out a plan to make Reunion carbondioxide neutral by 2030. “Accompanied by M. Boissier, the corporate executive of the first European military shipbuilder DCNS, the French President appointed Reunion Island as the place of demonstration and experimentation for the OTEC.” This project is supposedly co-financed by the French government.

NOAA bureaucracy a threat to OTEC?

Doug Carlsson wonders if NOAA bureaucracy could be a major threat to OTEC implementation?

He tells us the grapewine provides the following rumours: “NOAA is so gummed up with bureaucratic inertia due to the “shell shock” it feels over the enormity of ocean thermal energy conversion that it will demand five years of operating data from even a pilot plant before giving OTEC its regulatory blessing.

We would love to hear from anyone… Continue reading

French defence manufacturer working on OTEC?

Ares, a blog at Aviation Week, is saying that “Expansion is also planned into the renewable marine energy sector. An “incubator” will be set up in the Atlantic port of Brest to manage development of floating wind turbine, wave energy turbine, and ocean thermal energy converter demonstrators or prototypes and DCNS will take part in European programs to develop marine current turbines.”

Honolulu SWAC

Honolulu Weekly has an article about the $240 million sea water air-conditioning system (SWAC) which is being built for Honolulu.

Groundbreaking is expected next summer and the first 40 buildings are expected to come online in late 2012. ” And there are investors from Stockholm involved, which is interesting, as one of the first systems in the world was built in Stockholm (where I live) and this is being expanded.

US NOAA visits Hawaii to talk OTEC

Doug Carlson tells us about a visit by people from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Hawaii, where they learned more about the OTEC efforts planned for the islands. The visitors will, according to Doug, be responsible for “issuing licenses and permits for OTEC plants and operations”.

“The NOAA team’s meetings in Hawaii “have brought home how much our learning curve has to be based on what’s happening here in Hawaii,”… Continue reading

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