OTEC workshop in Townsville, Australia

OTECGuy Lane of SEA O2, Townsville, Australia tells us that they held a successful workshop about the potential of OTEC for Townsville. “Townsville-based oceanographer and OTEC aficionado, Dr Peter Ridd of the Physics Department, James Cook University, delivered an excellent presentation at the Townsville Port Authority boardroom.”

OTEC based power for ocean nitrogen fertilisation

Engineering students from The University of Sydney have devised a scheme to produce reactive nitrogen for fertilization of the ocean from an OTEC plant. They claim that “Each floating structure could stimulate the growth of 370,000 tonnes of sardines a year, enough protein for three million people, at a cost of $US400 a tonne, or eight cents per person per day.” The University of Sydney News has a recent article about it and also one from January.

No Kyoto down-under

Australia stops the ratification of the Kyoto agreement, even though they have signed it, claiming it will costs jobs and damage their industry, despite that they had one of the easier targets to meet. New Scientist has the detail.

Australia is one of the big proponents for UCG, as described below.

Grow shell fish within the shell of a boat

Wired News reports on an Abalone farming project in Australia. The idea being that it is easier to keep the required stable enclosed ocean environment for the Abalone when you are on the ocean in a boat, than what is traditionally done, moving the seawater inland.

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