BEC and OTE Corp. signs MoU for two OTEC plants in the Bahamas

Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation and Bahamas Electricity Corporation has according to Green Technology World, signed a Memorandum of Understanding to develop two OTEC plants in the Bahamas. The press release claims these will be the

worlds first two commercially operational plants.

Bahamas would want OTEC

The Tribune reports on the National Energy Policy Committee’s second report, which talk about OTEC.

“Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) processes also represent an exploitable renewable resource,” the Committee’s report said. “As the Bahama Banks are characterised by steep drop-offs, most of the major islands have a location where OTEC technology would be feasible. However, this technology is at the experimental stage.”

OTEC in the Bahamas?

OTECAccording to this blog post one OTEC company, OCEES, submitted a proposal to the Bahamas Electricity Corporation with regards to a recent Request For Proposal for renewable energy systems.

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