Curaçao – Ecopark

Curaçao Airport Holding is planning an industrial ecopark for high-tech production and research facilities with a sustainable character. Having a positive impact on the environment, the aim of the Ecopark is to create economic growth, stimulate industries on the island and educate the public about the opportunities that renewable technologies offer.

curacao ecoparkCuraçao Ecopark takes advantage of the unique characteristics of Curacao Airport and the installation of a deep seawater pipe to provide SWAC (Sea Water… Continue reading

Bluerise unveils OTEC Advanced Research Prototype

Bluerise recently officialy opened its OTEC Advanced Research and Demonstration Prototype at Delft University of Technology. By using a non-azeotropic working fluid, the prototype has a much improved efficiency and hence lower cost of produced power compared to standard ORC-based OTEC systems.

As part of the opening ceremony, Curaçao Airport Holding N.V. and Bluerise B.V. have signed an Memorandum of Understanding for a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to further strengthen their cooperation in realizing… Continue reading

Curaçao Ecopark with SWAC and OTEC research

The Curaçao Airport Holding company are working on a an “industrial park for high-tech production and research facilities with a sustainable character” called an Ecopark and have recently signed an MOU with a German company, Bricks International to develop a draft plan for the Ecopark. The concept was designed (PDF file) by a Dutch company, Bluerise, which is a startup company in the OTEC technology-provider space. Interestingly enough, the Ecopark vision is focused around… Continue reading

Seawater air-conditioning in Curaçao

Evelop is building a seawater air-conditioning system in Curaçao. I visited Evelop Caribbean and talked to the Business Director of Evelop Caribbean, Gilbert Gouverneur about the project. The project is worth €15-20 million and could decrease the energy use for air-conditioning by 90%.

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