Guam OTEC numbers missleading

According to people who are familiar with the subject (but wanted to remain anonymous) the $1.5 billion quoted as US Navy OTEC work for Guam is essentially wrong. My sources said that they didn’t think it would be more than a tenth of that at most. Furthermore, nobody actually knows today where and if the US Navy actually will build any OTEC facilities. The feasibility studies may (or may not) lead to OTEC development at… Continue reading

US Navy moving forward with OTEC

The list of people who attended the US Navy “Industry forum day” about OTEC on the 15 May, pretty much reads like a ‘who’s who’ in OTEC in the USA. The presentation mentions possible OTEC installations being Diego Garcia, Guam and three locations in Hawaii. The OTEC roadmap at the end of [PDF] the presentation says that the preliminary design is done and they are in the middle of subsystem design with work on CWP… Continue reading

US Navy Diego Garcia OTEC will do SWAC as well

According to this short piece in the Federal Times, the Diego Garcia OTEC will be used to not only produce electricity and fresh water, as we have talked about earlier, but the cold water will also be used for sea water air conditioning (SWAC) as well, which I hadn’t seen reported anywhere before.

OCEES International and Diego Garcia OTEC

In the recent article in Wired about OTEC, OCEES International is mentioned to not only have secured funding from “Pentagon” to build an OTEC at Diego Garcia, but also design the OTEC pipe for the Saipan project in the article. However, after asking Stephen Oney, Vice president at OCEES, he tells me that Wired overstated the situation. They are working on a preliminary design of an OTEC for the the Office of Naval Research. Stephen… Continue reading

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