Feasibility study for an OTEC plant on Guam

The Ocean Thermal Energy Corporation has received a $50.000 grant, which will be used to conduct a feasibility study on the economic and technical aspects of running an OTEC plant on Guam. This grant has been given by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development and is in line with the Guam Bill 166, which states that each utility that sells electricity for consumption on Guam must increase its share of renewable energy of its… Continue reading

Guam OTEC numbers missleading

According to people who are familiar with the subject (but wanted to remain anonymous) the $1.5 billion quoted as US Navy OTEC work for Guam is essentially wrong. My sources said that they didn’t think it would be more than a tenth of that at most. Furthermore, nobody actually knows today where and if the US Navy actually will build any OTEC facilities. The feasibility studies may (or may not) lead to OTEC development at… Continue reading


An interview with American Samoa Territorial Energy Office (TEO) Acting Director Mauigoa Reupena Tagaloa, with Radio New Zealand International, triggered a couple of articles on Guam Newsfactor. The most interesting part of the articles may be the claim that the US Navy would be spending 1.5 Billion to build OTEC for the military facilities on Guam. That seems like a very high number and I would be interested to hear what has been included in that.

Guam News Factor on OTEC and the US Navy

A piece which investigates the potential relationship between the US Navy and the Guam civil society around shared resources, including fresh water production and power generation.

US Navy moving forward with OTEC

The list of people who attended the US Navy “Industry forum day” about OTEC on the 15 May, pretty much reads like a ‘who’s who’ in OTEC in the USA. The presentation mentions possible OTEC installations being Diego Garcia, Guam and three locations in Hawaii. The OTEC roadmap at the end of [PDF] the presentation says that the preliminary design is done and they are in the middle of subsystem design with work on CWP… Continue reading

US Navy investigating OTEC for Guam

OTECThe US Navy is looking to “conduct a feasibility study for implementing an Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) facility on Guam. More information can be found in the procurement notice, and the synopsis.

OTEC for Guam

OTECClean power and fresh water for Guam is a real posibility argues Stephen K. Oney, executive vice present of OCEES International, Inc. in Guam Pacific Daily News.

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