Honolulu SWAC

Honolulu Weekly has an article about the $240 million sea water air-conditioning system (SWAC) which is being built for Honolulu.

Groundbreaking is expected next summer and the first 40 buildings are expected to come online in late 2012. ” And there are investors from Stockholm involved, which is interesting, as one of the first systems in the world was built in Stockholm (where I live) and this is being expanded.

US NOAA visits Hawaii to talk OTEC

Doug Carlson tells us about a visit by people from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Hawaii, where they learned more about the OTEC efforts planned for the islands. The visitors will, according to Doug, be responsible for “issuing licenses and permits for OTEC plants and operations”.

“The NOAA team’s meetings in Hawaii “have brought home how much our learning curve has to be based on what’s happening here in Hawaii,”… Continue reading

Guam OTEC numbers missleading

According to people who are familiar with the subject (but wanted to remain anonymous) the $1.5 billion quoted as US Navy OTEC work for Guam is essentially wrong. My sources said that they didn’t think it would be more than a tenth of that at most. Furthermore, nobody actually knows today where and if the US Navy actually will build any OTEC facilities. The feasibility studies may (or may not) lead to OTEC development at… Continue reading

US Navy moving forward with OTEC

The list of people who attended the US Navy “Industry forum day” about OTEC on the 15 May, pretty much reads like a ‘who’s who’ in OTEC in the USA. The presentation mentions possible OTEC installations being Diego Garcia, Guam and three locations in Hawaii. The OTEC roadmap at the end of [PDF] the presentation says that the preliminary design is done and they are in the middle of subsystem design with work on CWP… Continue reading

To a Better Place

Doug Carlsson points us to the announcement that Better Place, the electric car network company, has picked Hawaii to be one of its initial implementation markets. Some of the others are: Denmark, Ireland, the Bay Area in California and Israel. This is interesting to us for several reasons. Better place has an interesting business model. Hawaii will have OTEC plants soon, and OTEC can then power cars. And our friend and colleague Mark Charmer… Continue reading

Not one, but two OTEC plants in Hawaii?

Thanks to Maria Tome, Hawaii State Energy Office for confirming that the Lookheed Martin OTEC will be built on Oahu, Hawaii. She pointed to this Energy Agreement which was signed by the State of Hawaii and the Hawaiian Electric Companies.

Looking a little deeper into the 52 page agreement (2 MB PDF) I found something which I hadn’t seemed mentioned before, and I am not sure I understand what it means. On page 45 in… Continue reading

New Scientist on OTEC

New Scientist has a two page article on OTEC in the latest issue (19 Nov. 2008). The article mostly talks about issues related to the recent announcements that Lookheed will build a 10-20 MW OTEC in Hawaii, which we mentioned the other day.

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