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Coldwater pipe for Indian 1 MW OTEC barge ready

According to Silicon India the Indian Department of Ocean Development’s (DOD) OTEC project is ready to deploy a one kilometre deep cold water pipeline. The pipeline will be installed on a one megawatt barge mounted OTEC installation. DOD secretary Harsh K. Gupta said the one-kilometre-deep underwater pipeline is complete. The barge is ready “and the DOD technical team is only waiting for a fair weather window” to connect the line to the barge”.

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Lockheed Martin looking for OTEC technology in India?

OTECAccording to the Indian newspaper The Mint, Lockheed Martin are looking to acquire OTEC technology from India. This has supposedly been leaked from a government official. This would supposedly be about deep pipe technology. One wonders if rumour is overplayed, considering that the most well respected company in the world, when it comes to deep seawater pipes is Makai Ocean Engineering, based in Hawaii. I would love to hear more about what you think at:

India OTEC trial starts

According to The Hindu and The Times of India, OTEC power generation trials have started, presumably on the Sagar Shakti research vessel, which is a 1 MW closed cycle plant.

NIOT floating desalination plant data

OTECAccording to a Xenesys press release the NIOT floating OTEC test plant is currently running on diesel power and generating 1000 ton of fresh water per day. They take up seawater from 500 meters depth through a pipe of 1 meter diameter and use the OTEC heatexchangers to produce the freshwater. In the future they hope to power the process using the OTEC generators.

More about India OTEC

Headlines India has an article about the Sagar Shakti OTEC plant ship which we wrote about yesterday. According to the article they use a 600 meter long pipeline weighing 100 tons. An analysis by The Indic View blog says this pilot plant produces fresh water at twice the price of a reverse osmosis plant, but this should come down significantly in larger installations. According to The Hindu, NIOT is also proposing a waste heat OTEC… Continue reading

Indian OTEC plans

NIOT are looking for private sector partners to build desalination plants based on the Sagar Shakti design according to [cached]. It also looks like the Sagar Shakti vessel is actually operational as well, as it is listed as being off Ennore, with a task of desalination. Hopefully this means that they now have a fully operational deep-water piple as well. Furthermore they have put up a page describing the Kavaratti desalination… Continue reading

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