Overview of NIOT

Philip Davies points us to an old magazine article [cached] in Frontline (India), which is a nice overview of the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) in India. Their OTEC effort figures prominently in the article.

Desalination OTEC pilot plant in Chennai?

OTECThe Indian government refers to what appears to be an OTEC powered desalination plant in a year end review press release [cached]. Specifically it says:

Mitigating drinking water problem Islands and coastal rural areas lack sources of fresh water and often times have limited sources of power. One solution devised indigenously is to desalinate water by using the temperature difference between the surface and deep sea-layers. A 5000 litres per day low thermal… Continue reading

Deep ocean water – A natural resource

Whilst travling for information I found a nice article in the July 2004 OSTI newsletter (Volume 2, Issue 5) [cached] (Ocean Science and Technology for Islands, NIOT, India) about deep ocean water resources, written by Mr. Saravanane. It lists OTEC, cold water agriculture, ice production, air conditioning and lithium recovery among other things.

More detail about the NIOT OTEC

OTECAccording to Platts Renewable Energy Report (Issue 51, May 2003) the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) 1 MW OTEC, which they built together with < How To Get Ur Ex Boyfriend To Talk To You a href=”http://xenesys.com/english/index.html”>Xenesys and Saga University, cost US$ 5.9 million to build. They also say that Xenesys is hoping to build another 1,000 installations of 20-50 MW near the southern tip of the sub-continent, should the 1 MW pilot plant be… Continue reading

NIOT OTEC operational

OTECAccording to Xenesys’ news page, quoting Nishi Nippon Shinbun (news paper) on 27 March, the NIOT OTEC plant has gone operational. They say “The NIOT project, which is an on-board application of OTEC power system, has just started its experimental power generation off Chennai coast.”

NIOT Annual Report

OTECThe Indian National Institute of Ocean Technology has released an “Annual report” for the period 2001-2002. In the report we can find a very interesting account of the NIOT OTEC progress over the last year.

2002 – the year in review

OTEC – The most exciting work in OTEC probably goes on in India and on Hawaii. In India, the Sagar Shakti 1 MW OTEC barge was going to be deployed in September. However, we didn’t hear about what has delayed it. On Hawaii, at NELHA, the work on the 55 inch pipeline and a pumpstation is ongoing.

Mariculture – has some minor positive stories this year, such as the Abalone farming project in Australia.… Continue reading

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