Xenesys web site updated

OTECXenesys has performed a major updated to their web site and they now have substantially more information available than previously (at least in the English section). There are some brief news stories on the successes of DTEC (Discharge Thermal Energy Conversion) installations as well.

OTEC powerplant for Okinotorishima island gets closer

OTECAccording to The Yomiuri Shimbun, the island of Okinotorishima will be subject to a joint reserach project by the National Fisheries University, an independent administrative agency and Saga University to assess whether the island is suitable for an OTEC installation [cached]. The project is supposed to start the 10 January 2006 and will involve about 20 people. The team will collect data about temperatures in different layers of water as deep as 1,000… Continue reading

Saga University wins price for OTEC

OTECAccording to Earthvision [cached] the Japan Association for the 2005 World Exposition has selected Saga University’s OTEC efforts as one of the 100 price winners for global technologies that “contribute significantly to the resolution of global environmental issues and to the creation of a sustainable future for humankind and the Earth.”

Japanese OTEC for troubled waters

OTECThe island which the Tokyo govenor is planning an OTEC for is located in an area which China and Japan has a border dispute over, according to Taiwan News Online [cached]. It is ironic that an OTEC plant could be used as a tool to claim the extension of the 200 nautical miles exclusive economic zone, in an area which is primarily contested for its oil.

Xenesys charging ahead

As you can see for yourself in today’s news posts, Xenesys of Japan are really charging ahead on the OTEC front. They now even have the attention of the head of state of one of the worlds largest economies, Japan. After the US DOE completely lost the plot, the state of Hawaii, NELHA, Sea Solar Power and Pacific International Center for High Technology Research (PICHTR) have been bravely struggling on to try to keep OTEC… Continue reading

Extracts from Mauritius newspapers

OTECXenesys has translated several extracts from several Mauritius newspapers which I am posting in full here:

January 9, 2005 Newspaper “Week end ” – Ocean Energy to produce electricity.
[Article extract] OTEC should be the main attraction of the fair held at Free Port Center. Considered as a revolutionary system for production of renewable energy, the Uehara Cycle surpasses the traditional one by 50 to 70 percent. The system introduced by IOES and many of… Continue reading

Xenesys announces DTEC

OTECXenesys has developed a Discharged Thermal Energy Conversion system which they say can generate electric power and/or produce desalinated water, from waste heat in various kinds of industrial plants. They say that they are going to introduce a DTEC system in an existing oil refinery in Chiba, Japan. Furthermore, they are setting up joint venture in Saudi Arabia, supposedly to supply DTEC systems in the Kingdom.

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