OTEC for Marshall Islands

I have in my hand, figuratively if not literally, a letter which shows that an OTEC development company has approached the government of the Marshall Islands and proposed a 10 MW OTEC plant which also will produce 2 million gallons/day water (which I presume is drinking water). The letter, issued in early January 2009, which is from the Marshall Island government, says that several ministries are authorised to go ahead and negotiate terms with the company.

OTEC used as negotiation tool in the Marshall Islands

According to the Marshall Island Journal (continued here) the negotiations about continued use of the Island of Kwajalein by the US defence forces could be unlocked by promising to install an OTEC system for the island.

Marshall Islands sees OTEC as way out of emergency

Yokwe Online reports that the Marshall islands president has declared an economic state of emergency, due to energy prices. One part of the declaration looks at the long term and states that OTEC should be investigated as renewable energy source, the only alternative other than conservation mentioned by name.

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