OTEC potential on the Philippines

An interesting article was recently published by the Manilla Bulletin Publishing Corporation.

Due to its geographical position near the equator, the use of ocean thermal energy can be very interesting in the seas and streets of the Philippines. Currently, the UK company Energy Island Bell Pirie Ltd. is planning to construct a 10-megawatt closed-cycle OTEC facility in Cabangan, Philippines as a pilot project. Ms. Latimer, director of Energy Island Bell Pirie, emphasized that OTEC has… Continue reading

OTEC well received at Philippines Energy Summit

The Philippine Daily Inquirer reports that OTEC was well received by the Philippine President, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, at the Philippine Energy Summit, which is being held in Manilla this week. The country supposedly suffers from some of the highest electricity prices in Asia.

Philippines investigating OTEC

The Philippine Department of Energy, with the help of Japanese scientists, have identified 16 potential locations for OTEC power plants in the Philippines, according to the Philippine government information agency PIA [cached]. This is part of the government target to “double the renewable energy capacity by 2013 – from the present 30 to 60 percent”.

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