OTEC testing in the Indian Ocean

Following the construction of an OTEC prototype by DCNS in Indian Ocean Island of La Reunion in May, 2012, three tests have recently been conducted been conducted.  DCNS is a naval defense company based in France.  The three configurations were tested by DCNS in collaboration with the University of Réunion Island’s Laboratory of Physical and Mathematical Engineering for Energy and the Environment focused on the configuration of the heat exchanger, specifically the evaporator,… Continue reading

OTEC feasibility study for Reunion

The French naval defence system company DCNS Group on 7 April 2009 signed an agreement with the regional council of Reunion for a feasibility study for an OTEC installation on Reunion. Several defence contractors, such as Lockheed Martin and DCNS are moving into the energy market via OTEC whilst there seem to be scant interest from the traditional energy companies.

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