Biofuel from algae

One of the potential side benefits of OTEC power plants, which is often talked about, is the possibility of growing algae in the nutrient rich water which is brought up as cooling water for the OTEC process. Shell together with HR Biopetroleum will be growing un-modified algae at NELHA Hawaii, to produce biofuel. This is a research project with some interesting potential. According to the press release the algae can “produce at least 15 times… Continue reading

Hawaii aquaculture business grows

Pacific Business News reports that the value of Hawaii-grown aquaculture/mariculture now exceeds $28 million a year [cached]. Algae accounted for 45 percent of the value and amounting to $12.6 million. A big part of this happens at NELHA

Algea to hydrogen, grown in a tank near you?

Extracting hydrogen using algea grown in tanks is discussed in a Wired article on the startup company, Melis Energy. The company is currently producing energy from an experimental plant at 30 times the price of natural gas. But it is still early days.

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