Climate change

1990s the warmest decade for 2000 years

In a future issue of Geophysical Research Letters Michael Mann of University of Virginia report on temperature records from 13 regions in the world that cover two millennia. The records show that the 1990s appear to be the warmest decade in the norther hemisphere, and it strongly suggest that the same applies for the sourthern hemisphere. Mann and other leading British and American palaeoclimatologists conclusion is that the warming in the late 20th century has… Continue reading

2002 – the year in review

OTEC – The most exciting work in OTEC probably goes on in India and on Hawaii. In India, the Sagar Shakti 1 MW OTEC barge was going to be deployed in September. However, we didn’t hear about what has delayed it. On Hawaii, at NELHA, the work on the 55 inch pipeline and a pumpstation is ongoing.

Mariculture – has some minor positive stories this year, such as the Abalone farming project in Australia.… Continue reading

Incomplete models increase global warming

Professor Pielke of Colorado State University show how current climate models fail to take in the several important factors, such as how planting forest on snow covered mountains make the forest absorb more sunlight How To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back After I Messed Up and heat or replacing forest with farm land removes the cooling effect forests have through water evaporation on leaves. NASA has a story about it.

How To Get My Ex… Continue reading

No Kyoto down-under

Australia stops the ratification of the Kyoto agreement, even though they have signed it, claiming it will costs jobs and damage their industry, despite that they had one of the easier targets to meet. New Scientist has the detail.

Australia is one of the big proponents for UCG, as described below.

Tuvalu pays the price for global warming

Countries disappearing due to raising sea levels seemed only to be part of future scenarios of the Global Business Network as featured in Wired Magazine. Not so. The future is here. Tuvalu will be evacuating its first citizens to New Zealand next year. The UK’s Guardian has more information.

Is New York in line for a wakeup call for the US?

Vivien Gornitz of the Columbia University warns in Global Planetary Change that New York may experience severe flooding of rail, subway and road tunnels in the coming decades. Many of the Big Apple’s tunnel entrances are only 3 meters above sea level, which leaves them vulnurable to flooding during a “hundred-year” storm. But due to raising sea levels you may not have to wait for a hundred years for the dissaster to strike. Vivien says… Continue reading

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