Patrick Takahashi on energy economy

Patrick Takahashi has a short article about this at the Huffington Post. He says among other things “abandon building any new uranium/plutonium and coal power plants, and install as many wind farms and residential and utility-scale solar thermal systems as fast as possible”. More of Patrick’s writing can be found on his blog.

Cheaper windpower

The Economist reports on progress made by the Wind Turbine Company in creating a wind turbine which can have the blades downwind rather than upwind as is usual. This dramatically reduces the cost of the turbine, which economically makes it much more interesting to implement windpower. The company claims that with the improved design they could reach power prices as low as 3.5 cents per kilowatt-hour, a price The Economist says is competetive with with… Continue reading

Burn billions of tons of coal where it lies?

Companies and government administration determined to not give up on coal as a major energy source has come up with a new scheme to burn the coal in place, without actually having to dig it out, and still gain energy from it. The process is called Underground Coal Gasification (UCG). New Scientist has an article on UCG [subscription required] which they end with: “Whatever the local, short-term benefits of adopting UCG, in the long run… Continue reading

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