Cold water pipe

Successful repair of NELHA’s 40-inch deep-seawater pipe

Recently the repair works on NELHA’s 40-inch deep-seawater pipe were successfully completed. Operating at 150M depth and using remotely operated vehicles, it was quite an undertaking.

The high-density 1.2-mile-long polyethylene pipe, installed in 1987, extends to depths of 2,000 feet. The pipeline is the backbone of the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority’s coldwater aquaculture and research projects.

Surveys of the pipeline in December 2007 showed the mooring bridles, which help hold the pipeline to… Continue reading

New York Times writes about Lockheed Martin OTEC project

The NYT picked up on the Lockheed Martin press release about the grant from the US Department of Energy to “demonstrate a cold water pipe fabrication approach using modern fiberglass technology and recent low-cost composite material manufacturing methods at prototype and pilot plant scales“. The Energy Daily also has some quotes from Lookheed Martin and indications that they are also working with Makai Ocean Engineering and others on this.

NELHA pipeline under threat

According to West Hawaii Today, the NELHA deep sea water pipeline has partially come loose from its moorings and could break, causing substantial repair costs, in the US$ 10 million range. Fixing the problem before it breaks could cost as much as US$1 million. According to the article “Repair work needs to be undertaken at depths of 400 to 500 feet, where a concrete anchor is rolling on the sea floor and “bridles”… Continue reading

Deep-ocean pipe work for Mauritius and Curaçao

Somehow we missed that Makai Engineering last year was awarded the contract to build a deep water pipe for a seawater airconditioning system for Curaçao. The main contractor is Evelop of the Netherlands and the pipeline is for Aqualectra, the water and electricity company of Curaçao. Link to Evelop press release. On the Makai Engineering news page we can also see that they have been awarded the contract to perform a “A Conceptual Design… Continue reading

More about India OTEC

Headlines India has an article about the Sagar Shakti OTEC plant ship which we wrote about yesterday. According to the article they use a 600 meter long pipeline weighing 100 tons. An analysis by The Indic View blog says this pilot plant produces fresh water at twice the price of a reverse osmosis plant, but this should come down significantly in larger installations. According to The Hindu, NIOT is also proposing a waste heat OTEC… Continue reading

Indian OTEC plans

NIOT are looking for private sector partners to build desalination plants based on the Sagar Shakti design according to [cached]. It also looks like the Sagar Shakti vessel is actually operational as well, as it is listed as being off Ennore, with a task of desalination. Hopefully this means that they now have a fully operational deep-water piple as well. Furthermore they have put up a page describing the Kavaratti desalination… Continue reading


The picture below left shows the signing of the Letter of Intent with regards to building an OTEC at NELHA, Hawaii. It shows Mr. Ron Baird, CEO of NELHA signing the document, Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle and OCEES‘ President Dr. Hans Krock.

In in an email to OTEC News, Stephen Oney, Executive VP of OCEES said “OCEES is entering into a joint venture agreement with the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority… Continue reading

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