New desalination technique

AquaSonics have a process which they claim will turn seawater into fresh water at around a third of the cost of conventional desalination. The new method is called rapid spray evaporation and have been produced to work with portable units so far. The system can desalinate water which is considerably saltier than sea water (up to five times higher salt content) and is much more effficent than reverse osmosis for example.

Nuclear power stations instead of clean free energy?

OTECThere is a resurgence in the interest in using nuclear power to fuel desalination facilities around the world, even though it produces nuclear waste, can be very expensive and often is considered unsafe to operate in many of the target countries. The Guardian has an article about it.

For some countries which are close to the right water conditions, such as India, OTEC powered desalination plants would be a lot more attractive solutions. Marocco is… Continue reading

Sea Solar Power 100 MW hybrid cycle OTEC plantship

The SSP 100 MW Plantship, which also produces 32 million gallons per day (120,000 m3) desalinated water, uses the same aluminum heat exchanger tube, vapor turbine, and deaeration air compressor technology as the SSP 10 MW shore based technology demonstration plant. Like the 10 MW OTEC, venture capital and construction partnerships are in place, with the first plantship cost estimated at USD $250 million, and the second through sixth units each estimated at USD $150… Continue reading

Sea Solar Power 10 MW Hybrid Cycle shore based OTEC

OTECThis OTEC, representing the first and possibly smallest commercially viable design is currently undergoing component level validation in York, Pennsylvania, prior to first installation. Venture capital and construction partnerships covering development and production of the first unit are already in place. Estimated cost in 2002 USD is $50,000,000, with projected production of 10 MW, and 3 million Gallons per day of fresh water. The first stage of the hybrid cycle is an open cycle, and… Continue reading

Fresh water from the sea

Saga University presents a new paper: Technology of Seawater Desalination Using Natural Energy using OTEC technology for the The 3rd World Water Forum.

I can not quite figure out if this is a new paper or not, it seems like webserver thinks the file was modified in August 2001. But I have not seen it before. However, it reads like a report written specifically for The 3rd World Water Forum.

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