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Patrick Takahashi on energy economy

Patrick Takahashi has a short article about this at the Huffington Post. He says among other things “abandon building any new uranium/plutonium and coal power plants, and install as many wind farms and residential and utility-scale solar thermal systems as fast as possible”. More of Patrick’s writing can be found on his blog.

Xenesys wins price for DTEC

OTECXenesys wins an award for a DTEC installation, according to a news paper article on their web site. DTEC uses the same type of technology as OTEC but optimised for waste heat from industrial systems.

Cayman Islands government delegation meet Sea Solar Power

OTECA government delegation from the Cayman Islands recently travelled to Baltimore, WA, USA, to meet Sea Solar Power according to an article on Cayman Net News [cached]. The Minister of Communications, Works and Infrastructure, the Hon. Arden McLean, was joined by officials in the administration and the heads of water and power companies on the Cayman Islands. According to the article Mr McLean said the trip was a very positive and productive fact-finding… Continue reading

Seasolar Power OTEC possible for Cayman Islands

OTECAccording to an interview with Richard Hew [cached], CEO and President of Caribbean Utilities Company (CUC) by Cayman Net News Online, CUC has a memorandum of understanding with Sea Solar Power with regards to an OTEC installation.

“Although diesel is still the most practical and feasible energy source for Grand Cayman, some alternatives are coming into play,” Mr Hew says. Wind turbines may be feasible at current fuel prices and there is promise… Continue reading

NELHA’s best selling products, from fossil fuel

MSNBC has an article about NELHA [cached], Hawaii, and the problems NELHA tenants face with increasing energy prices and lower subsidies for the science and technolgy park. It is deeply ironic that one of the main issues is rising energy costs, as NELHA previously hosted the worlds longest running OTEC plants. Even more ironic is that the biggest selling product from NELHA’s industrial resident, Deep SeaWater International is desalinated deep-seawater, sold as bottled… Continue reading

Cheaper windpower

The Economist reports on progress made by the Wind Turbine Company in creating a wind turbine which can have the blades downwind rather than upwind as is usual. This dramatically reduces the cost of the turbine, which economically makes it much more interesting to implement windpower. The company claims that with the improved design they could reach power prices as low as 3.5 cents per kilowatt-hour, a price The Economist says is competetive with with… Continue reading

IOA Autumn newsletter

The International OTEC Association’s Autumn 2002 Newsletter is out. It has three major pieces in it: a global future energy scenarios, a description of the ExternE project which calculates external costs of energy and finally an up to date paper on OTEC from NELHA.

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