Fish farming

Introducing Hawaii Oceanic Technology

The fish farming company Hawaii Oceanic Technology gets covered by CNet News. There is a tantalising hint of ocean thermal energy conversion as part of the fish farming system. I predict that this is another cheap investment that will give good returns on investment even before the remaining fish stocks truly collapse.

Fish farming good for fish in the ocean?

As a reaction on the news that we may have depleted the world-wide fish stocks in 40 years the NELHA based Kona Blue fish farming company said that they have the solution to the problem: fish farming. But they are farming a carnivorous fish which means that approximately 3-10 times as much fish is taken from the sea to feed the farmed fish. You have a loss in protein in that chain. Until you… Continue reading

Land-based oceanic industry on Mauritius

Dr. Suddhoo, the Executive Director of the Mauritius Research Council tells us about the proposal to set up a Land-based Oceanic Industry (LBOI), based on the success of NELHA on Hawaii. The vision is to use deep-sea water in a variety of applications, including facilities cooling, desalination of bottled water, aquaculture and more. Dr. Suddhoo tell us that they have confirmed that their deep waters do have the desired properties, i.e temperature, purity, minerals… Continue reading

Hawaii aquaculture business grows

Pacific Business News reports that the value of Hawaii-grown aquaculture/mariculture now exceeds $28 million a year [cached]. Algae accounted for 45 percent of the value and amounting to $12.6 million. A big part of this happens at NELHA

NELHA opens new deep ocean pipeline

NELHA has opened the new 55-inch pipeline which pumps water from 900 meters (3000 feet) reports Pacific Business News [cached]. According to the article, the majority of the capacity of the new pipeline will primarily be used by the deep sea water bottlers and aquaculture businesses. The deep water is 4°C (39°F), which makes the water perfect for an OTEC installation.

Sea Solar Power at APEC Energy Working Group?

OTECDavid Levrat points us to the Twenty-Eighth Meeting of the APEC EWG, Port Douglas, Australia, 3-4 November, 2004 from the APEC Energy Working Group. The one section which is of particular interest for us is the Expert Group on New & Renewable Energy Technologies [cached] which among other things say:

USA: Monitoring and Assessing the Design, Operation and Performance of an

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) Project (Self-funded)

The purpose of this… Continue reading

NELHA based company to export breeding shrimp to Thailand

Kona Bay Marine Resources Inc., which uses NELHA‘s deepwater pipe facilities will start exporting white shrimp to Thailand. The Thai have problems with disease in the local tiger shrimp, which has made them look abroad for disease resistant shrimp. Pacific Business News has an article [cached].

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