North Sea catch quotas down again, but is it enough?

MaricultureThe Guardian has several articles on the new North Sea quotas set by the EU fisheries commission. The scientist say that species such as cod are on the verge of collapse and a total moratorium on fishing has been called for. However, in the end the politicians halved the permitted haddock, whiting and cod catches for 2003.

Non toxic fish for humans through mariculture

An interesting article in West Hawaii Today talks about growing kampachi (Mediterranean yellow tail fish) in tanks at NELHA. Prized as a sashimi fish, kampachi found in the ocean are often prone to ciguatera, a toxin common to reef fish, making it unsafe for human consumption. Because he is able to control the food and environment of his fish, none have contracted ciguatera.

Depleted Atlantic fish stocks

MaricultureThe Economist reports on research performed by academics at the University of British Columbia which shows in detail how the fish stocks of the Northern Atlantic collapsed in the ’80s and ’90s. There are now stringent quotas for the collapsed fish stock, but they are not recovering. The top predators have been removed from the ocean. The ecosystem changed and there is no turning back the clock. They estimate that compared to a century ago… Continue reading

Grow shell fish within the shell of a boat

Wired News reports on an Abalone farming project in Australia. The idea being that it is easier to keep the required stable enclosed ocean environment for the Abalone when you are on the ocean in a boat, than what is traditionally done, moving the seawater inland.

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