Heat exchanger

Flow visualization of downward condensing ammonia in a gasketed plate heat exchanger 

Recently, Maaike Leichsenring graduated from the TU Delft in Engineering Thermodynamics on flow visualization of the ammonia condensing process in a plate type heat exchanger. Generally, two-phase flow in plate heat exchangers is yet not fully understood which leads to inaccurate performance calculations. The uniqueness of the experiment is described by the fact that condensing flow of pure ammonia in a corrugated plate heat exchanger was successfully captured for the first time. These results… Continue reading

Kobe Steel supplies high heat transfer titanium sheet for use in OTEC plants

With the increasing number of OTEC projects around the globe, more and more industrial companies increase their focus and product range towards OTEC. An example for this is the recent product update by Kobe Steel, Ltd and its announcement to provide high heat transfer titanium sheet specifically designed for OTEC plants.

Kobe Steel, Ltd. has developed a high heat transfer titanium sheet called HEET™ for use in plate heat exchangers, one of the important applications… Continue reading

OTEC heat exchange enhancement research

Raphael Mandel, a second-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Maryland, has been awarded with the 2012 Hulka Energy Research Fellowship. Mr. Mandel, advised by Professor Michael Ohadi, received the fellowship for his proposal, “Next Generation, Ultra-Efficient, Microstructured Thin Film Heat Exchangers for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC).” His research involves further development, modelling, visualization, and optimization of Force-Fed Microgrooved Heat Exchanger Technology (FFMHE), specifically with respect to its performance… Continue reading

Makai Ocean Engineering’s Heat Exchanger Test Facility opened

In July 2011 a new heat exchanger test facility has been opened at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii (NELHA), on the Big Island of Hawaii. The facility, designed and operated by Makai Ocean Engineering, provides the “OTEC Industry” with a tool for the development and testing of candidate OTEC heat exchangers. Heat Exchangers are the single most expensive component of an OTEC plant and thus their cost, longevity and performance… Continue reading

Could ‘Liquid Metal’ technologies transform the economics of OTEC components?

‘Liquid Metal’ is a revolutionary new metallic alloy that offers properties tailored to the end application such as seawater corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and hardness. Most interestingly it can be shaped and moulded like conventional plastics using lower temperature methods while still offering metallic properties. Titanium is the current metal of choice for -for example- the plate heat exchangers for an OTEC, however the metal has high costs associated with shaping the end product. More… Continue reading

Xenesys – The future vision

Xenesys has a nice new little “vision piece” which ends with talking about the potential for the Indian plans. “India has almost completed construction of a 1,000 kW pilot plant designed in collaboration with Saga University. Having delivered our plate heat exchangers to them, we Xenesys are also playing a part of vital roles in the project. India’s grand plan calls for 1,000 OTEC power plants throughout the country, each with 50,000 kW.… Continue reading

Titanium in OTEC condensers

Japanese Xenesys predicts that titanium will be the material of choice for OTEC condensers. They are estimating 124-180 tons required per 10 MW.

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